Good 'ol times

Hayden Panettiere is so pretty… met someone who hangs out at the same place she does and he said she’s nice too

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capybara and bird riding capybara

Which states have the longest and shortest sex?


In all seriousness… you can do the sex in less than 10 minutes? What am I doing wrong? That shit is almost a part time job for me.

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Now that. Is a present.

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TGIF. And also Thank Yoda It’s The Force!

Poetic Yoda moments in this scene by Ariel Belzit.

Gwendoline Christie on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Sept 2) (x)

She’s one of my favorite characters from GoT

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Pah. Styles is the only real man in this series. Who wouldnt get that reference?

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first day of school

  • teacher: whats a song that describes you
  • me (immediately): I Sell Dope Boy by Viper The Rapper
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